Annual Report

Surrey Place Centre provides specialized clinical services that are responsive to individual’s needs and promote health and well-being in the Toronto region.  We help children and adults living with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and visual impairments reach their full potential.

Below is a look at our 2016-2017 Annual Report

Message from our CEO and Board President

At Surrey Place Centre we help people of all ages with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder to lead healthy and socially inclusive lives using our exemplary skills in interdisciplinary clinical services, education and research.

To succeed we are guided by our strategic plan and work in partnership with our clients and their families, our staff, volunteers, our funders and many partner organizations across Toronto and the province.

The theme of this year’s annual report, “Our Clients, Our Staff, Our Performance” is a look back at the accomplishments of 2016-2017, which affirms our progress through continuous growth, as well as a commitment to implementing new initiatives.

Our clients – we are dedicated to providing our clients with timely and effective services, so they may live their lives to their full potential.

Our staff – our employees are our greatest strength and we are focused on providing a great workplace where staff are supported and provided an environment where they can excel.

Our performance – we are committed to measuring our performance in order to ensure effective client services and to be accountable to our funders.

These are exciting times and we are committed to ensuring Surrey Place Centre can provide the very best programs and services to our clients.

As we look ahead some of our key projects include:

  • Lead agency for Community Networks of Specialized Care, Toronto Region, where our focus will be to improve supports and services for adults living with developmental disabilities, who also have complex and multiple needs.
  • Continue to be a supportive and collaborative partner with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, in order to ensure the new Ontario Autism Program and our partnership in the Toronto Autism Services meets the changing needs of all our families.
  • As a lead agency designate, we will rely on our leadership capabilities and positive working relationships with our partners, to ensure all children and youth receive timely and effective services they need at home, at school and in the community; as they transition into adulthood, as part of the Ministry of Children and Youth Special Needs Strategy.

We will continue to put our clients and families first; as we work towards implementing our strategic plan and helping people of all ages with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder to lead healthy and socially inclusive lives.


Steven Finley Signature

Steven Finlay, MSW, RSW
Chief Executive Officer

Andre Greenwood Signature

Andre Greenwood
Board President

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Our Board of Directors and Executive Team

At Surrey Place Centre our Board of Directors and our Executive Team are responsible for the overall  integrity of the organization, the quality of our programs and services, compliance with all statutory requirements and responsive to the needs of the community.

Meet Our Board of Directors

  • null
    Andre Greenwood


  • null
    Helen Wojcinski

    Vice President

  • null
    Colin Chambers


  • null
    Amanda Kennedy


  • null
    Terrence Ramlal


  • null
    Michael D. Richardson


  • null
    Michael Waby


  • null
    Peter Wright


  • null
    Sanober Diaz


  • null
    Andrea Englert-Rygus


  • null
    Lew Golding


  • null
    Fern Goncalves


Meet Our Executive Team

  • null
    Steven Finlay

    Chief Executive Officer

  • null
    Alain Mootoo

    VP Finance & Administration 

  • null
    Bruce Wilson

    VP, HR & Communications

  • null
    Margaret Howard

    Acting VP, Autism Services

  • null
    Dr. Terri Hewitt

    VP, Developmental Services

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About Us

We empower infants, children, youth and adults living with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and visual impairments to reach their full potential. We offer a variety of groups and workshops for clients, families and caregivers as well as extensive education and consultation services to community agencies. Learn more about Surrey Place Centre by visiting the ‘About Us’ section of our website.

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About Our Programs & Services

Our comprehensive programs and services range from assessment, diagnosis, and one-on-one treatment, to family counselling and group support and are provided by a broad network of clinicians who work together in inter-professional teams to provide optimal service. Click on the links below to learn more about our programs or services. Learn more about Surrey Place Centre’s programs and services by visiting the ‘Programs and Services’ section of our website.

Our Clients – Our Staff

At Surrey Place Centre we are dedicated to providing our clients with timely and effective services, so they may live their lives to their fullest potential. Our distinctive approach, dedicated employees and reputation make us a leader in our sector. Click on the videos below to meet our clients and our staff as they share their stories.

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Our Performance

We are committed to measuring our performance, in order to ensure effective client services and to be accountable to our funders. Below is a list of some of our significant events and accomplishments from 2016-17.

Adult Program

  • FASD Adult Diagnostic team presented 6 educational workshops for local community partners this year. Members of our team were also involved in advocacy at the municipal, provincial, and federal level with involvement on the Toronto FASD Network, FASD- Ontario Network of Expertise, and CanFASD; the national research and advocacy network.
  • The Mobile Adult Psychiatric Team was launched; the aim of the team was to go into the community and assess and support individuals with intellectual disabilities who are aging and having mental health issues. The team is available one day a month and since January 2017 has assessed 23 individuals.

Blind – Low Vision Early Intervention Program

  • Provided early childhood vision consultation service to 228 children from 0-5 years of age in Toronto, Peel, Halton, Durham and York Region.

Children & Youth Program

  • Provided specialized clinical services to 685 children, youths and their families and/or care providers. Additionally, 52 children were supported via our Augmentative Communications and Writing Aides Program.
  • Established a formal partnership with Sick Kids Hospital, the Griffin Centre, and East Metro Youth Services for behavioral services. This partnership enhances the services they provide to individuals with developmental disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorder.

Developmental Services Ontario – Toronto Region (DSO TR)

  • Worked in partnership with the City of Toronto, Inner City Family Health Centre and Community Living Toronto to support and find permanent housing as part of the Bridges to Housing program and Adult Protective Service Workers for 25 homeless men living at Seaton House with developmental disabilities.
  • As a result of the work with Bridges to Housing, we were able to recognize and identify an additional 155 individuals who did not meet the Bridges to Housing criteria however, did in fact qualify for DSO TR services.  Supported these homeless individuals with a diagnosis of developmental disability in registering for DSO TR, so they would be able to access supports and funding. The DSO TR and Adult Program have expanded their involvement with the community teams to connect with other shelters to identify these vulnerable individuals.

Infancy & Early Childhood Program

  • Provided specialized clinical services to 969 infants, children and their families and/or care providers.
  • Established a Behavioral Consultation Clinic that provides quick access to behavioural advice and recommendations regarding issues that could be dealt with in a clinic setting.
  • Implemented a Family Counseling Clinic that provides families with supportive goal based and solution-focused strategies, in order to help the family deal with the challenges associated with having a family member or child with a developmental disability.

Medical Services

  • Launched the Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Program at Surrey Place Centre with dedicated annualized funding to update practice guidelines and tools, and to build capacity to care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

School Support Program

  • Clients served in Connections for Students: 373 children transitioning to full time school.
  • Updated the Community Resource Directories for Children and Adults with ASD, distributed several thousand copies to school boards, physicians, other agencies to be shared with parents (as available on the SPC website as download and as a searchable app).
  • In partnership with City of Toronto Parks and Rec Department, provided multiple training sessions to summer camp counselors supporting children with special needs.

Toronto Autism ABA Services

  • We underwent a significant expansion, creating over 350 new treatment spots for children and youth diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the city of Toronto.
  • 2,078 children and youth built critical communication, social and life skills while participating in 40,953 hours of group and individual treatment as part of Toronto Autism ABA Services.

TRE-ADD Program

  • 106 children served through Intake and Community Supports, School Based Treatment and Respite.
  • Further implementation of TRE-ADD program transformation to streamline clinical services and increase interdisciplinary assessments and treatments for clients, families and staff.
  • Ongoing videoconference collaboration with staff from Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, to provide expert level consultation to our senior Clinical staff.

Toronto Partnership for Autism Services (TPAS)

  • 494 children received Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI), focused on key learning in the areas of cognitive development, language skills, and adaptive functioning.
  • 508 families participated in our TPAS Parent Education and Support Services workshop series, receiving 3,700 hours of parent education.
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These summary financial statements were prepared from the audited financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2017 that are available at

Three Year Annual Expenditure Trend ($'000)

Revenues at a Glance

Summarized Statement of Financial Position

As at March 31, 2017, with comparative figures for 2016

Cash and cash equivalents5,982,6293,599,549
Receivables and prepaids1,180,1121,373,648
Property and equipment4,080,6483,490,385
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities5,303,7913,232,760
Deferred revenue1,331,1881,231,826
Deferred contributions for property and equipment3,714,8443,125,256
Net Assets
Invested in property and equipment365,129365,129
Internally restricted reserve fund157,284157,284
Unrestricted operating 371,153351,327

Summarized Statement of Operations

Year ended March 31, 2017, with comparative figures for 2016

Provincial government50,434,96643,715,833
Municipal Government840,668844,000
Other revenue1,755,0591,417,483
Salaries and benefits35,434,93433,802,125
Funding for autism and clinical programs11,358,9217,459,463
Building occupancy2,545,8872,322,349
Supplies, equipment and communications1,978,3211,546,460
Amortization of property and equipment752,711634,994
Travel, education and printing726,670501,043
Professional and consulting fees569,313449,056
Surplus of Revenue Over Expenses19,8261,578
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Our Services
Have Reached


Infants, children, youth and
adults served in 2016-17

1 Total unique individuals served during the period
April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 – Reviewed and approved
by Director, Quality and Decision Support


Parents of children and youth with autism reported that Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs led by SPC across the Toronto partnership are respectful, well-coordinated and family-centered (sample size of 1,459)

Service Model Study 2016-17, Surrey Place Centre Research, Education and Evaluation Department (July 2017)


of the cases clinicians rated all goals as achieved for services provided to adults and children with DD (sample size of 832).

Service Model Study 2016-17, Surrey Place Centre Research, Education and Evaluation Department (July 2017)

From a sample of 106 adults with a developmental disability, the adults and parents who agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements included:

Satisfaction with New Service Model Study 2016-17, Surrey Place Centre Research, Education and Evaluation Department (July 2017)

Goals we set in service were met 86%
The length of service seemed appropriate 90%
I participated in setting goals 91%
I was able to understand activities and strategies given to me 93%
I am satisfied with the overall service 97%
Information given to me was useful 99%
Information clinicians gave me was clear and easy to understand 99%

Clients reside in



Clients reside in



Clients reside in



Clients reside in



Clients reside in in North Ontario and other communities


of individuals are infants
0 to 6 years old 5


of individuals are children and
youth 6 to 18 years old 5


individuals are adults
over 18 years old 5

Characteristics of individuals served during the period April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 – Reviewed and approved by Director, Quality and Decision Support


of individuals
identify as Male 5


of individuals
identify as Female 5


individuals speak English as their first language 5


individuals speak English as their second language 5

Characteristics of individuals served during the period April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 – Reviewed and approved by Director, Quality and Decision Support

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Thank You

Surrey Place Centre and our Charitable Foundation are grateful for the continued loyalty and compassion of so many of our donors.  The commitment and financial contributions ensure we can continue to help children and adults with developmental disabilities, autism and visual impairments, as well as offer support to their families. Thank you to the following individuals and groups for so generously supporting Surrey Place Centre in the past year.

Alain Mootoo
Abner Anlacan
Albrecht Hein
Andrea Paszti
April Cornell
Aurora Bundalian
Barry Isaacs
Beth Pelton
Bonny Peters
Bruce Edwards
Bruce Wilson
Cadillac Fairview
Caroline Co-operative Homes Inc
Corey Giovanella
Dennis T. Hui
Diana Petramala
Elisabeth Peereboom
Elizabeth Scott
Frank Turner
Garth Lewis

Guy Beaudin
Heather Brown
Heidi Levine
Heidi Mitchell
Hilary Windover
Isaac Raymond
Janet Vogt
Jeanny Scantlebury
Jeff Prentice
Jennifer Howey
Jessica Connolly
John Percy
Julie Capitelli
Karen Cohl
Karen White
Karin Steiner
Linette Partridge
Lorraine Greaves
Louis Flores
Margaret Howard

Mary Ann Nagel
Mary Lau
Melissa Lavallee
Muriel Flynn
Nancy Freeman
Nancy Oomen
Patricia Tomlinson
Paul Harbridge
Paul Szikszai
Pearl Jones
Peter Gilgan Foundation
Peter Wright
Poul & Susan Hausen Family Foundation
Robert Perkins
Shirley Jansen
St George’s on-the-Hill
Suzanne Meagher
Terri Hewitt
Teuta Lluka
The White Shrine Of Jerusalem Toronto Shrine No. 4