Annual Report

At Surrey Place we provide an inclusive, interdisciplinary approach to support infants, children, youth and adults living with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and blind low vision.

Message from our CEO and Board President

With over 50 years’ experience, Surrey Place has a long history of excellence and innovation, and this year was no exception.

In 2018/19, we were focused on driving system changes that increased access and reduced wait times to better meet the needs of those we serve. At Surrey Place, we believe that every individual deserves access to services that help them learn, grow and thrive. We also fostered cross-sectional partnerships to improve service coordination for children and families with complex needs because each person’s situation is unique.

In addition to our many accomplishments, this year also brought on challenges as we navigated the transition to a new Ontario Autism Program and fee for service model. Despite the changes, we have remained steadfast in advocating for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

These and the many other achievements found in our 2018/19 Annual Report would not have been possible without our exemplary staff. Whether they provide clinical services or administrative support, our employees are the reason we can offer a wide range of services to children and families within Toronto and across the province.

We want to thank Andre Greenwood, who after nearly three years as Board President has stepped down. We thank him for his six years of dedicated service, leadership and wisdom. We also acknowledge the entire Board of Directors for the time they so graciously volunteer and for always having the best interests of Surrey Place at heart.

Last, we would like to express our gratitude to all our partners and stakeholders. Collaboration is imperative in establishing a system that delivers high-quality services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

In the coming year, we will begin a new strategic planning process involving staff at all levels of the organization as well as the Board of Directors. This process will set out our directions as we continue the journey to realizing our vision, living your potential – all your life!

Steven Signature
Steven Finlay, MSW, RSW
Chief Executive Officer

Helen Signature
Helen Wojcinski, P.Eng., FEC, FCAE, MBA, CMC
Board President

“At Surrey Place, we believe that every individual deserves access to services that help them learn, grow and thrive.”

Our Values

With a passionate commitment to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, blind low vision and their families, we believe in providing an inclusive, interdisciplinary approach to programs and services.


We succeed by working together with our clients, families, community and government partners.


We do what we say we will do and deliver the best possible results for the people we serve.


We develop new ideas and approaches to share with the world.


We seek to understand before being understood and accept differences in a professional and caring manner.


We respond to the needs of our clients and partners promptly and with excellence.

Highlighted Achievements

Continuous improvement has been a priority for Surrey Place and we have always found ways to be more efficient, more innovative and more effective. We continue to rise to the challenge to support more clients, families and caregivers through collaborative partnerships. We believe in building capacity across the sectors in which we work.

An Approachable, Reachable and Responsive Intake Process

Intake Services

With the increase in volume and diversity of individuals and families in various Surrey Place programs and services, we launched a streamlined, straightforward and convenient integrated intake process that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients report that Surrey Place is more approachable, reachable and responsive and staff report that it improves connectivity and collaboration.

Defining and Expanding Wellness Across All Program and Service Areas

Wellness Services

Over the past year, Surrey Place has been busy re-designing and re-defining what Wellness Services mean to our clients. This has resulted into a new Wellness service system offering time-limited training events, drop-in sessions, clinics and groups. They provided opportunities for clients no matter what program they registered in.

Expanding Support for Our Clients Through Their Senior Years

Adult Program

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are now living well into their senior years but many centers are not prepared for their needs. Our staff have worked hard to address this gap by creating the Plus 45 Clinic. We provide clients care and support including referrals to palliative and end-of-life care. Seniors involved become better advocates for themselves and families feel more supported and less worried about their loved ones.

Connecting the Dots to Reintegrate Our Clients to the Community

Connecting the Dots

One key determinant of health is housing. While rates of developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDD) are escalating in homeless populations, IDD is not commonly recognized by support providers. Surrey Place in collaboration with partner agencies developed several initiatives to better assess prevalence rates, create safe housing alternatives, develop individualized plans and build system connections across Ontario for at-risk youth and adults with IDD who are experiencing homelessness.

Overcoming Barriers in Reproductive Health for Women with Intellectual Disabilities

Research & Education

In Ontario, women with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have lower screening rates for both cervical and breast cancer than women without IDD. Through the assistance of a Women’s Xchange 15K Challenge grant, Surrey Place conducted an intervention study for mothers with IDD that has helped improve their knowledge and contributed to research that has been used by leading research bodies in Canada and internationally.

Alleviating Mental & Physical Stress for Families and Caregivers

Autism Services

Families and caregivers of persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) often experience mental and/or physical stress in supporting their families and navigating the system. This year Surrey Place created its first Family Advisory Council. Furthermore, our staff actively engaged in several training events and contributed to research to help reduce stress, improve the quality of family interactions and increase well-being for families and caregivers.

Enhancing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Services

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Services

There is growing worldwide attention to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) prevalence rates and the impacts on individuals and communities. Over the last year Surrey Place implemented improvements and updates to our FASD team resulting in higher referrals for assessments, strengthened screening tools, increased family coordination plans and community education and advocacy across Ontario.

Sharing Our Expertise in Supporting Children with Visual Impairments

Blind – Low Vision Early Intervention Program

For many years our Blind – Low Vision Early Intervention Program has provided children with visual impairments and their families and caregivers opportunities that support the development of all the senses for optimized learning. Through a one-time grant from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social services, Surrey Place leveraged our experience to develop a mentorship program for Early Childhood Vision Consultants (ECVCs) across Ontario. As a result, they have reported increased confidence and capacity to service families, caregivers and children dealing with visual impairments.

Expanding Supports to Children with Down Syndrome with SickKids Hospital

Children & Youth Program

Children with Down Syndrome require extra support developmentally and medically throughout all life stages. We continue to deepen our collaboration with SickKids Hospital with the Down Syndrome Clinic that has enhanced the clinic’s developmental assessments and client supports enabling children and families to lead healthy and meaningful lives.

Making School Transitions Easier for Children with ASD

School Support Program

Changes like going to camp or starting school is a major event in any child’s life and this can be particularly challenging for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Surrey Place partnered with the City of Toronto’s Parks and Recreation Programs to train professionals in assisting children with ASD to cope with the transition in summer camps and then back to school. This innovative pilot successfully strengthened parks and recreation staff skills to provide children with additional transition strategies.

Commitment to Our Employees

Human Resources

Surrey Place is committed to our employees and dedicated to improving the work culture by creating a positive workplace. We have implemented several strategies in the past year to strengthen our capacity and equipped our staff with better ways to support our clients. As a result, our employees responded with enthusiasm and commitment.


3 Year Expenditure Trend ($’000)


Summarized Statement of Financial Position

As of March 31, 2019, with comparative figures for 2018

Cash and cash equivalents$7,646,105$8,646,155
Receivables and prepaids$1,800,232$3,432,057
Property and equipment$4,462,587$3,069,739
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities$5,432,709$4,851,932
Deferred revenue$3,477,690$6,694,628
Deferred contributions for property and equipment$4,096,931$2,999,676
Net Assets
Invested in property and equipment$367,079$67,079
Internally restricted reserve fund$157,284$157,284
Unrestricted operating $377,231$377,352

Funding Sources

Summarized Statement of Operations

Year ended March 31, 2019, with comparative figures for 2018

Provincial government$60,611,324$77,534,701
Municipal Government$852,736$1,067,339
Fee for service and grant revenue$427,998$1,385,070
Other revenue$1,143,773$136,122
Amortization of deferred contributions $775,195$671,642
Program Expenses$62,610,789$79,899,461
Administration recoveries($4,553,610)($4,805,574)
Amortization of property and equipment$777,293$671,210
Excess of revenue over expenses$8,028$121

2017-18 Key Performance Metrics

Key Performance Indicators for the Three Years Ended March 31, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Key Performance Indicators Definition 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 3 Yr. Change
Growth in service delivery revenue Revenue from all sources $53,386,583 $63,811,026 $80,794,874 51.3%
% Spent on programs % of total expenditures on programs 92.6% 92.6% 94.1% 1.6%
Budget management effectiveness Surplus (deficit) for the year $19,826 $8,028 $121 -99.4%
Cash flow effectiveness Current assets less current liabilities $527,762 $535,938 $531,652 0.7%
Community partner service delivery support Payments to partner agencies for service delivery $4,843,116 $6,497,181 $8,152,301 68.3%
1Growth in clients served Unique clients served per year 9,796 9,701 13,051 33.2%
Organization wide quality standards with Accreditation Canada 4 year third party assessment against national health care standards Accredited 2016-2020 status
Organization wide risk assessment (Transfer Payment Risk Assessment) 3 year provincial government organizational risk assessment 2018 low risk rating assessment status
Program specific quality standards (Quality Assurance Measures) Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services annual assessments against provincial service delivery standards 2018 audit compliance achievement for adult and Developmental Services Ontario, Toronto Region
Successful Proposals Number of successful grants and total $ raised 4 successful proposals, with $817,994 recognized in 2018-19
1Includes active Developmental Services Ontario, Toronto Region. Excluding this program the numbers would be 7,155, 7,087 and 9,942 for 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 respectively. The increase in clients served in 2018-19 is partially attributed to a change in government definitions around autism foundational and family services. When adjusted for this change the increase in clients served from 2017-18 to 2018-19 was 21%.

Our Services Have Reached


Infants, children, youth and
adults served in 2018-19


of individuals are infants
0 to 6 years old 1


of individuals are children and
youth 6 to 18 years old1


individuals are adults
over 18 years old1

Total unique individuals served during the period April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 – Reviewed and approved by Director, Quality and Decision Support


of individuals identify as Male 1


of individuals identify as Female1


individuals speak English as their second language1


individuals speak English as their first language1

Clients Reside in East Toronto

Clients Reside in South Toronto

Clients Reside in North Toronto

Clients Reside in West Toronto

Clients reside in Northern Ontario and other communities

1Characteristics of individuals served during the period April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 – Reviewed and approved by Director, Quality and Decision Support

Thank You

Thank you to our donors who have given so generously to the Surrey Place Charitable Foundation. The financial commitment to give has continued to make a difference in the lives of clients served. Because of our donors we can continue to focus on delivering specialized, evidence based services that use the most effective treatments available. Thank you for your generosity!

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