Surrey Place

Annual Report


Message from our CEO & Board President

To our community:

2020/21, was a year unlike any other, one that will stand for years to come as a testament to the strength and dedication of our staff to the communities we serve. Despite the challenges of these unprecedented times, we have remained committed to helping people of all ages with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and special needs lead healthy and socially inclusive lives. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff at Surrey Place, we are thrilled to share our achievements with you in this year’s annual report.

This fiscal proved to be an innovative year for Surrey Place. We quickly moved and modernized the way we deliver our high-quality services. Expanding our Telehealth services and adjusting to this new normal has been one of our greatest achievements in the last fiscal year. Recognizing that many clients and families did not have access to adequate devices to receive Telehealth services, we launched a pilot program that provided our clients with tablets and laptops to ensure they could continue receiving services from Surrey Place.

We supported our staff as we transitioned to work from home – including running wellness events and the launch of flexible and compressed workweek options.

The Surrey Place reopening project team worked closely with key stakeholders to plan a thoughtful and careful approach to reopen our organization.

We reviewed local regulations, best practices, and guidelines for likeminded sectors. We built processes and systems to manage contact tracing, on site support, and implemented aggressive cleaning schedules and capacity limits. Surrey Place’s guide to reopening was widely shared with partner agencies and ministry representatives and was used as a foundation plan for many of our partners.

We would like to thank and recognize Surrey Place staff for their continued hard work and dedication to supporting our community, clients, and their families. We would also like to acknowledge our incredible community and thank them for their ongoing support and patience over the last year during these challenging times.

We are proud of how much we have accomplished this year, and through it all, the safety and well-being of our staff and clients remained our number one priority.


Terri Hewitt, Ph.D., C. Psych.
Chief Executive Officer

Helen Wojcinski,
Board President

Our Impact


Unique Clients + Caregivers* per year, including DSO-Toronto Region clients

0-6 years old


6-18 years old



18+ years old



Telehealth sessions for
2,432 unique clients


Participants in 1,223
virtual wellness events


In-person appointments


Staff employed at Surrey Place

Highlights from Adapting to Unprecedented Times

Adapting to the pandemic and delivering our high-quality services through Telehealth

Prioritized staff’s health and safety throughout the pandemic

Technology Access Fund

“When the COVID-19 pandemic began, my daughter Adeneke and I had to suddenly adapt to online services. It was difficult for her to stay connected with her clinician due to a lack of technology at home.

Now that Adeneke has an iPad – thanks to Technology Access Fund – it’s been much easier for her to develop her communication skills. She can participate in online school, which allows her to interact with other kids and her teacher, and video call with family members overseas. It’s been wonderful for her to engage in interactive games and learning tools for both school and her at-home speech and occupational therapy.

I am grateful for the help that Surrey Place has provided and the device which I know will continue to aid Adeneke’s development!”

– Tshani B., caregiver

Strategic Plan Achievements

Delivering High-Quality, Client Centred Care

Ensuring a Sustainable Organization

Surrey Place Staff

Investing in
Our Team

Surrey Place staff hanging COVID-19 safety posters

with Purpose

Our Financials

2020/21 Funding Sources


Provincial government


Municipal government


Fee for service & grant revenue


Other Revenue

3 Year Expenditure Trend ($’000)

2018/19 $80,794,874

2019/20 $63,276,534

2020/21 $57,879,416

Meet our Donors & Funders


Anonymous Donors
Aazem Sheikh
Abner Anlacan
Agnes Zurawska
Alain Mootoo
Alexis Gaum
Amanda Kennedy
Amani Tarud
Amy Dashineau
Andrea Cachia
Andria Bianchi
Angela Bradley
Ann Lindsay
Anne McCallum
Annie Mahoney
Arlene Chaves
Arshia Sultan
Barb Willet
Barbara K. Byczko
Barry Bernstein
Barry Isaacs
Bernice Sarai
Beverley Wasmund
Bonnie Mcintosh
Bruce Edwards
Bruce Wilson
Carol Ivic
Carol Layton
Carolyn Ellis
Carolyn Lee-Jones
Carolyn McDougall
Christina Menel
Claire L. Staniforth
Danielle Brown

Danielle D’Alessandro
Danielle Woodyatt
Dawn Brown
Devon Waldron
Devra Rich
Emma Chaikowsky
Eric Kerr
Evan Hammell
Felix Camposano
Fern Goncalves
Gail Pennington
Gerald Fantone
Ginny Lyon
Harris Ziko
Heather Cushing-Gordon
Heidi Diepstra
Helene Murray
Howard Bouk
Irina Fyfe
Jane Ubertino
Janet Lumb
Janet Vogt
Jayson Pohl
Jeanny Scantlebury
Jeffrey Shaw
Jen Uger
Jennifer Altosaar
Jennifer Howey
Jessica Cremasco
Jessica Fox
Jodi Singer
Julie Capitelli
Karen Keung
Karen White

Karyn Farber
Katheleen Tanel
Katie Hayward
Kelly McCraw
Kevin Byworth
Kim Taylor
Kirsten Muller
Lai Doo
Laura Zajicek
Leanne Yearsley
Leigh Ann Wayland
Lesley Barreira
Liana Salvador-Watts
Linda Wise
Linette Partridge
Lisa Binns
Lourdes Louro
Margaret Howard
Marja McKay
Mary Ann Campbell
Mary Ierullo
Meagan Blunt
Melanie Arnott
Melanie Godecki
Melissa Falotico
Melissa Lavallee
Melissa MacIntosh
Melissa Osborne
Michael Forgie
Michael Rooke
Michael Waby
Michelle Dervan
Michelle Hutchinson
Muriel Flynn

Nadia Mia
Nancy Freeman
Nicole Purcell
Nicole Staples Dorey
Nikki Card
Niv Biran
Patricia Reller
Paul Gasztold
Paul Szikszai
Paula Green
Pauline Jeon
Richard Schneider
Ruth Swanson
Samuel Siah
Sandra Bricker
Sarah Pereira
Sarah Rotchford
Satyameet Ahuja
Shashi Ponnappa
Shira Taylor
Shirley McMillan
Sue Gavarkovs
Tai-Hing Hui
Teodoro Flores
Terri Hewitt
Valerie Temple
Victoria Shute
Wesley Hatfield
Woodcliff Management Group Inc
Yanny Young
Yasmin Karim
Yuhong Xu
Zarina Karim

This list reflects donations and funders for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.


Bikes without Boarders

City of Toronto, Toronto Urban Health Fund

Community Foundations of Canada

Google Ad Grants

Government of Canada

  • Canada Summer Jobs
  • Canadian Heritage – Official Languages Support Program
  • Emergency Community Support Fund
  • Enhancement of Official Languages Program

Government of Ontario

  • Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
  • Ministry of the Attorney General
  • Ministry of Health

Harry E. Foster Foundation

Lutheran Community Care Centre -Specialized Equipment, Furnishing and

Training Funding

MLSE Foundation

Ontario Brain Institute

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Royal Canadian Legion of Ontario

Shaw Foundation – Shaw Bears

SickKids Foundation

Telus – Furthering Our Community by Uniting Services (FOCUS)

The Autism and/or Intellectual Disability Knowledge Exchange Network

(AIDE Canada)

Toronto Foundation

Board of Directors 2020/21

300 Helen

Helen Wojcinski


President & CEO
Wojcinski & Associates Ltd

300 Fern

Fern Goncalves

Vice President

Senior HR Advisor, Employee Experience, Engagement and Development
Goncalves Consulting

300 Andrea

Andrea Englert-Rygus


Chief Procurement Officer and Vice President, Customer Relationship
Management Plexxus

300 Carolyn

Carolyn Acker


Management Consultant
Carolyn Acker & Associates

300 Amanda

Amanda Kennedy


Kennedy Consulting

300 Vivian

Vivian Leong


Senior Manager

300 Michael Ri

Michael Richardson


Partner & Co-Owner
Eclipsys Solutions, Yoppworks and GoSpaces

300 Michael Ro

Michael Rooke


Associate Partner
Tinkham LLP